Looking for Study in France? on International / Study Abroad Scholarship? International scholarship opportunities are open to study in France. Science Po, University, France offers a financial support program to support international students to fulfill their dreams of abroad study. Science Po, France Scholarships 2024 is available to pursue Bachelors, and Masters programs.

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Emile Boutmy Scholarship 2024 | Science Po Scholarship | Study in France

About Science Po, University France

The Paris Institute of Political Studies, France is commonly known as Sciences Po University, Paris France. Science Po, France is one of the higher education institutions in France and, it is a member of the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles.

Sciences Po, University is an international research-oriented university, both selective and open to the world, ranking among France’s finest institutions. Science Po is works in the fields of social sciences: economics, law, history, economics, and political science.

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There is a large no of International students who are studying in Science Po. The language of instructions in French and English at Science Po, France. It’s a great opportunity to Study in France with the international environment among different communities. There are about 50% of international students are studying in different academic fields and majors at Science Po, France.

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About Emile Boutmy Scholarship:

One of the top leading Research Higher education institutions of France supports local and international students to support their studies. Science Po, France is offering International Scholarships in 2024 to pursue Undergraduate  / Bachelors and Masters studies. There are different academic fields and majors are available. Students will study in the English Language. There is no need for any French Langauge proficiency certificate.

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Host Country: Study in France

Host University: The Science Po, University, France

Scholarships Offered By: Emile Boutmy Funded

Scholarships Coverage: Funded

Degree Level: Undergraduate/Bachelors and Masters Degree Programs in all Fields.

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What are the benefits Science Po Scholarship?

There are different types of Emile Boutmy Scholarship available at Science Po, University. The France 2024 Scholarships support at Science Po is offered to international students according to the university criteria. The Emile Boutmy scholarship 2024 will be given to the international selected applicant coming to Sciences Po, France for their first year of studies. There are different types of funding support as given below:
Emile Boutmy Scholarship for Bachelors Degree Program:

  1.     A tuition grant of  €14,210 per year for the three years of the undergraduate/bachelor’s program. additionally, a handsome grant to cover the part of the cost of living of €5000 per year.
  2.     A tuition grant of €9,500 per year for the three years of the undergraduate/bachelor’s program.
  3.     A tuition grant of €6,500 per year for the three years of the undergraduate/bachelor’s program.
  4.     A tuition grant of €3,900 per year for the three years of the undergraduate/bachelor’s program.

In exceptional cases, students can offer other funding support as a reward of 19,000€ for up to 3 years of college studies.

Emile Boutmy Scholarship for Masters  Degree Program:

There are Emile Boutmy Masters Scholarships are support the following benefits to international students as given below in two forms:

  1.     A huge amount of €13,100 per year would be awarded to cover the tuition fees for the first two years of the Master’s studies

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What Degree Programs Offered By Science Po, University?

Scholarships are available to pursue Undergraduate and Masters’s in multiple research fields. There are the following schools are available in Science Po, France. Details are given below.

  1. School of International Affairs
  2. School of Public Affairs
  3. School of Management & Innovation
  4. Law School
  5. Urban School

Check The Available Degree Program: Here

What are the eligibility criteria for apply the Emile Boutmy Scholarship?

Candidates must fulfill the following criteria to avail of this Scholarship for their study at The Science Po, University of France.

  1. Applicants from all over the world are accepted (Outside Europe)
  2. Applicants must be healthy both physically and mentally, excellent in academic standing, and with good conduct.
  3. Applicants must have to indicate that he/she needs a scholarship in the admission application form
  4. Good Academic record.
  5. This France scholarship is awarded on the basis of different academic excellence factors and the profile of the applicant. Social activities also considered the most important factor in the selection of scholarship applications.

What Documents are Required for Apply?

All the required documents for application in the Science Po, France Emile Boutmy Scholarships 2024.

  1. The highest degree diploma verified with official stamps should be uploaded.
    1. Bachelors programs applicant: High School Diploma Degree
    2. Master’s program applicants: Bachelor’s degree diploma (or above)
    3. Note:  If the diploma is not in English, a notarized copy of a translation in English is required.
  2. The highest degree Transcript verified with official stamps should be uploaded.
    1. Bachelors programs applicant: High school transcript is required
    2. Master’s program applicants: Bachelor’s degree Transcripts (or above)
    3. Note:  If the diploma is not in English, a notarized copy of a translation in English or is required.
  3. Two recommendation letters (Recommendation Letters Templates)
    • The letters of recommendation must be written by the applicant’s teachers/advisors/employers (who are able to evaluate your academic performance and research potential) in English.
  4. Research proposal
    • The professional project details in one or two pages. The applicant must explain why he/she want to study in France as opposed to their home country, their field interest for the selected academic program, and how this will help them achieve their career goals and objectives
  5. Curriculum Vitae or resume.
  6. Official English language proficiency certificate.
  7. Students will also be required to provide proof of income of their parents and documents explaining their family situation.
  8. Other reference documents (if applicable)

What is the deadline for Emile Boutmy Scholarships 2024?

The deadline for applying to Emile Boutmy scholarship 2024 for the undergraduate program is still not announced, you need to apply soon as possible, and for the master’s degree program is 3 December 2023.

How to Apply for Emile Boutmy Scholarships 2023?

Students have to apply online in the Science Po University application portal. During filling the application form students have to clearly mention he/she needs financial support (Emile Boutmy Scholarship 2024) for study in Franc in Financial Information Section. To apply students can fill the Online Application form here. The official announcement of the Emile Boutmy Scholarship 2024 can also visit here.

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